About Us

About us

H.C.S organization is the family which gives teenagers from everywhere value for their leisure time through non formal education, volunteering and, of course, lots of entertainment. For each one of these young people, the question ‘’What have you done in your high school years?’’ has certainly the prompt answer ‘’Happy Camps’’. Why? Because our volunteers are open people, comunicative and always there to help.

Currently, we are over 200 volunteers from Brasov, Bucharest, Sibiu, Cluj and Braila. The club’s members are guided by 4 concepts they have managed to combine in such way that is both pleasant and beneficial for their evolution: sport, non formal education, work and entertainment.

If we still have not made you curious, we will let the photos speak for themselves. Words would not be good enough to help express the huge family we have created. Keep it simple, keep it Happy camps!


Some numbers about us

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Years of activity 3

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