Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

When can I sign up?

You can join our club during spring and autumn. For more details, check our main web page or our Instagram account.

Besides the camps, what else does Happy Camps do?

Happy Camps deals with projects, events, partnerships with sport event’s planners (such as Corporate Games), team-buildings and trainings.

How can I benefit from joining this club?

  • Registering in the club offers you many benefits, both in terms of professional and social skills.
  • For example, taking part in courses, teambuilding, volunteering projects and so on, will enable you to receive certificates and diplomas at the end, which will help you further for your purposes (such as your resume).
  • This way you gain experience in various and specific areas. Also, by organizing events and/or coordinating personal projects, you can gain experience, especially in your leadership abilities.
  • Given the organization's hierarchical system, which imitates how a company works, we are divided in departments. We, the volunteers, are encouraged to work in a specific department to develop our skills.
  • By taking part in club events, you will discover your vocation and meet new people at a national level. You will be able to integrate very easily into our family, and the fun times with the team will be unforgettable!

What is the age limit?

You should be at least 15 years old to sign up, but university students are also welcome in our club. Our goal is to extend to gymnasium, HC Juniors.

What is the probation period?

The trial period shall consist of participation in a minimum of one event supported by Happy Camps. This period has a duration of 3 months, in which we can socialize and know you as a volunteer.

What are the selection criteria?

They are not very numerous, but the most important are common sense and reliability. Happy Camps volunteers must be involved and committed to the team they want to work with, but those are qualities which we will help you develop along the way, as long as you want to.

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