Halloween Party

I remember fondly my first event at Happy Camps: The Halloween party, which took place in October. It was during my trial period and a good friend of mine persuaded me to go so I can meet the other volunteers.

Obviously, I was nervous to meet so many new people. 'What if I will make a fool of myself? What if they won't like me?' In that case, maybe I will not pass the trial period. Well, all my worries were in vain. I was amazed by how welcoming and friendly the volunteers were with the newcomers.


The party was amazing. We admired each other's costumes -and some of them were absolutely stunning. There were devils, dinosaurs, a Snow Queen and we even saw Wednesday Addams. Firstly, we took part in some icebreaker games in which everybody joined. When the atmosphere started to heat up, we all hit the dance floor, although some more shyly than others. We laughed so hard!

In the end, I can say that it was a great start in my collaboration with Happy Camps and a warm welcome to this family.

by Sabina Tincu

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