Baschet HCompetion

Baschet HCompetion

Happy Camps Squad is the family which gives teenagers from everywhere value for their leisure time through sports, non formal education, volunteering and, of course, lots of entertainment.

Sport is really important for everyone and it should be seen as a lifestyle, not just a passion. It keeps us healthy and it can relax us, having a stronger effect than any medicine. For me, riding my bike by the lake can help me put all the worries aside.

How would it be if you could combine sports with fun?

The Basketball HCompetition was for me the perfect occasion to answer the question. The first edition took place in April 2019 and it was a great opportunity to meet my friends again and also test my skills.

As young adolescents, most do not have the courage to actively participate in P.E classes or even join a team because they think they would be mocked since they are not advanced players. Moreover, they also do not want to start from the beginning because they lack the necessary time or do not consider it as a big passion. That’s why we follow the principle: ,, Sport for all’’, encouraging everyone to join us.

In this way, we spent a whole day on the basketball field among some volunteers who knew how to play, some who played more advanced and some who had never touched a basketball ball in their life, and we had a wonderful time.

Additionally, this experience had a greater impact on me. Aiding the organization of the event with Stefan and Alexandra, we were able to promote sports through friendly games. Furthermore, we learned what it means to pay attention to details, to work in a team, to be more original and to give your all in order to satisfy every single individual.

by Mircea Gavrizi

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