I took part in this event during 10th grade, shortly after joining Happy Camps, this being my first activity with this team. By taking part in this activity, I got to know better some of the other volunteers. As you all know, you get to truly know somebody when you are faced with a challenge together with that person.

When entering the building of Business Park Brasov- which was the place where the high schools annual fair takes place, you could easily see the Happy Camps roll-ups and posters, where us, the volunteers were welcoming the future high school students. When I saw them coming, I could feel their emotions: their nervousness but also the enthusiasm to be starting a new chapter of their lives. I can say that I was thrilled to be surrounded by so many happy souls, smiling and constantly moving from one table to another, trying to gather all the information they could from the representatives of each high school.


Together with the other volunteers, we had the responsibility to talk with the students: to present them our activities, the opportunities they have if they join the club, such as taking part in the camps, the public speaking, personal development, arts or even survival workshops and even the possibility to make new friends and develop skills that will help them in the future. In the beginning, I was so nervous when trying to find the words to describe the club and to seem as friendly as possible, but, soon enough, this wasn't a problem anymore, as all the kids showed a huge interest in what we were telling them, while also being kind and respectful. They were all fascinated by the camps and wanted to join without having second thoughts: a bunch of real candidates!

by Anastasia Boroș

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