Reasons to join us

Reasons to join HCSq

You want to become a volunteer but you are still not sure? Do not hesitate and fill in the form since you got nothing to lose by doing so. In order to help you, we are going to give you some motives so you can join us:
•You will spend your time with the most amazing team.
•You will meet new people of your age and make new friends from both Brasov and Bucharest.
•You will be inspired by everyone’s energy, motivating you to get out of your comfort zone and begin discovering yourself.
•With us, you got the opportunity to learn a lot of new things, to experience personal development through trainings lectured by specialists, thereby improving essential abilities such as socializing or interacting.

why choose us?

•We will have a lot of fun together.
•No one is going to put pressure on you to do something, you are a volunteer.
•You are given a great amount of opportunities and you choose in which projects you want to get involved, this giving you experience for what you will pursue.
•You will learn to be more patient after spending time with the kids in our camps.
•The volunteer certificate will add value to your portofolio when talking about admissions for universities, internships or even when applying for a job.


Some numbers about us

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